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*Denmark can also look good with a thundersky*


Take a walk in wonderful Copenhagen.

I love to walk around, looking for all the little details that you can find....especially if you look up or take a stroll to the side, where you normally would't go.
Mayby into a backyard.....

You can talk to the guard...but he will not respond, he is simply not allowed.
They are there, to protect our Queen, H.R.H Queen Margrethe and the rest of the royal family.
On this day I was not able to fotograf the building where she lives, but look for the 5 chimnees.

Just liked the car....

This particually day, was very warm, 30 celcius, and all you could do was wonder around ejoying life.
I went on a channel-cruise looking at my city with friend and sis.
Every summer Nyhavn is packed with people sitting on the dock or ejoying the restaurents.

me and Nyhavn

Our little sightseeing included the Gefion-fontaine, looking lovely in the sun...

Liana and Jeanette

me and sis

me and Jeanette

H.C. Andersen

July 15. 1865

....the most famous writer of Denmark.
He wrote The little marmaid, the ugly duckling, Princess on a pea, and a whole lot of other wonderful storys.
The contry celebrates his 200 years birthday this year, 2005.

All over Copenhagen you can see the footsteps of where the author often walked.

On the island Amager, just outside copenhagen, a new beach is taking form.
At the opening, sand artists were invited. And the theme, off course, was H.C. Andersen.
Very talented people!

If you would like to know more about H.C. Andersen
click on the ugly duckling


In time I will build up more to this site and make a restaurent-guide to Copenhagen, 'cause there are places that does not deserve a visit, but unfortunately, they are in the way that the tourist walk !

Here we are at *Mama Rosa Copenhagen*


Natures own trash man...